Friday, 12 April 2013

Rethinking your Data Center Architecture

Most organisations have gone through some sort of data center refresh over the last few years implementing Virtualised architectures, creating more application aware and responsive networks and enhancing storage arrays to cater for the increased volume and variety of data.
However the pace of change is accelerating with the need not only to support Big Data & Analytics applications but also a whole variety of real time and mobile applications. So maybe, rather than implementing data center upgrades in a ‘piecemeal’ fashion, it is time to rethink the whole of the data center in a more holistic manner.
With this in mind one of our Spotlight Sessions at this year’s ‘Powering the Cloud’ event will look at the driving forces behind this need and what are the possible scenarios that a CIO needs to understand.
In the first session we will explore the role of the data center in this new IT world and how it is changing at an ever increasing pace. In particular this session will address the need to support more dynamic and varied business applications, cater for huge increases in data, support a diverse range of users and ensure security and performance.
In the second session we will look at some of the innovative storage, virtualisation, networking and security solutions that enable the data center manager to meet the challenges of this interactive, multimedia and mobile IT world.
In particular we will look at how hardware and software vendors are continually striving to provide ‘best of breed’ solutions to meet the complex needs of the modern data center. Some of these solutions are trying to address the broader issues the data center manager now faces and others are focused on a particular problem.
Having looked at ‘best of breed’ solutions, in our final session, we will turn our attention to the case for ‘Convergence’ in the data center.
Convergence is being driven by the need to move away from the ‘siloed’ architecture of past data centers and deliver a more flexible, responsive, scalable and cost effective solution.
Virtualisation and the ability to provision processing and storage ‘on-the-fly’ has been the catalyst behind the move to convergence. However are there any pitfalls to avoid from going the converged architecture route.
In this session we will explore the benefits and potential dangers of convergence and debate the issues that are raised. Within the overall theme we will also address some of the ‘green issues’ and the rise in popularity of modular or containerized solutions.
The objective of these sessions, which will be made up of presentations and panel debates by industry analysts, sponsor spokespersons and data center managers, will be to explore all the issues surrounding the role of the data center, possible scenarios for future architectures and most importantly give delegates ideas that they can go back and implement in their own data centers.


  1. Would be an interesting session.
    But the main change is not moving to a virtualized solution, but moving to a cloud (or a Software Defined DataCenter) solution.

    1. Hi Andrea,

      Re-defining the datacenter is one of the sessions within the Spotlight Sessions.

      There will also be talks on Software Defined Datacenters in our Hot topics streams.

      Come along and join in the discussions.

      best regards

  2. Data center management plays vital role in providing data center solutions